Aftermath, Sandy Hook Elementary School

The tragedy of these shootings is abhorrent. Poor kids and the unsuspecting adults deaths deplorable. Living next door to the U.S. of A. I find myself constantly calling the large majority, “crazy”. Though to be fair? They get plenty of encouragement, at all levels. Even the response. to what happened at Sandy Hook. Like all of the senseless killing, seems way over the top.

Why do they not have mounds of flowers and stuffed toys, for the kids killed in Iraq? The kids killed in Afghanistan. The children killed in Palestine? Pakistan, Viet Nam, Japan, Indonesia, West Timor. On and on. Not to even mention the other countries de-stabilized, through starvation, deprivation and outright armed intervention. With further toppling of legitimate governments. No flowers for them. No names written on NFL players shoes. No presidential concern.

Consider the second amendment? The attempt by U.K or Great Britain to stifle the citizenry by force and taxation, in 1775. Gave rise to the notion, in 1791 or so. To allow for and be part of their idea, that it was anti-fascist. After all, a society where only police and military are armed; is very dangerous indeed. Using those arms, is very different situation also.

The U.S. of A. seems to be a society and culture that leaps for a gun at every problem. Especially a government. A government where the banks and military, run the game. The television shows and films that pass for entertainment. Are nearly always centred on guns and shooting. Got a problem with alien society, such as in that well known “Star Trek”. Shoot them. A society here on earth, that has a different approach? Aboriginal peoples, shoot them. On it goes. A seemingly satanic approach, from a supposedly christian country. Does not bode well.

The one thing that has an intriguing possibility. [If you could call it that?] Was that both the Sandy Hook perpetrator and the shooter at the “Batman movie”, in Colorado. Their fathers were both supposed to give evidence in the LIBOR scandal and trial, in U.S.A. After this?
Just possibly, the connection too; that both young men were on the autistic spectrum and on heavy psychotropic meds. May be relevant? The person in the video link, seems to think so.

My last question, would be? What did the mother of this boy, Lanza. What did she need with a semi-automatic, 2 handguns and countless rounds of ammo? Did she expect WW3?

I know a number of americans are justly concerned and not armed to the teeth. But, the society they live in is crazy and is infecting the rest of the world.

People give to charities ….

…. For all sorts of reasons.

In Canada, with a population of about 34 million people. There are over 80,000 registered charities. In 2006 they shown donors as contributing 8.6 billion dollars. From about 5.8 million people.

This gives an idea of the magnitude of a seemingly profitable venture? Even if 48.5% reaches it’s targets? It seems strange to see the homeless and poor in our streets. When even 48.5% of 8.6 billion Say, for argument’s sake? Dollars 4 billion, should be reaching the people.

Personally, I feel downright uncharitable about it all.

It still goes on, with retail companies hiding under the auspices of “charity”. Have their employees asking the customers whether they would round-up their bill, to donate to whatever charity. Screams out loud, a type of “charity blackmail”. So, they can use it to justify their use of slave labour from countries like India and China.

My neighbours …..

… are strange people?

It is said, often, “fences make the best neighbours”. I wonder how much of the world is irritated by these neighbours? I’ve owned property for around forty years. Only once or twice, have I had neighbours who respected those around them. Is that kismet? Or maybe? I’m weird? …… likely?

These neighbours, usually, cannot see their hypocrisy and two-faced nature, they go through life with. The childishness of people who have lived a life of being handed it on a plate and have still to get “old”. Still young enough to be deluded. Into a type of delusion of believing, it will not happen to them?