A “Liebster Award” post, again …

Last week, http://lightwalker1.wordpress.com nominated me for the “Liebster Award, for new bloggers with under 200 followers. You may find my follow up post here https://hirundine608.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/a-liebster-award-post/

A few days later, it was followed up with a similar nomination from https://gurkykowsky.wordpress.com – sculpturesteph. Sculpture Everywhere and Anytime.

Without further ado, I would answer her eleven questions, etc.

1) What is your process of writing a post?

My process, is fairly simple. Think, then write. Occasionally, I will use a scribbler to work out my text.

2) Which time zone are you in?

Pacific Standard or Summer Time. Depending on time of year. PST How I loathe that whole time change scenario. It should stay on Standard time, for the year.

3) What do you like best in blogging?

Writing things to the world in general. It gives a creative aspect for writing, with the use of multi-media. The writer chooses.

4) What other media are you on (Facebook, tumblr, instagram) ?

All the usual suspects. I have written about them in some of my posts. They are not this writers, fave aspect of internet. Including WordPress, they all track the user.

5) What is your favorite meal?

My favourite meal would be? A one-pot meal of rice and vegetables. Sometimes called Rice Pilau or Dirty Rice. I especially love Rice Pilau and Lentils all in the same pot. Rice and Beans would be close second.

6) Savory or desert? Which course would you miss in favor of the other?

Likely savoury. Sometimes I will just eat dessert at a meal. Just that. Apple pie, or Pumpkin pie, for example.

7) Which one is the post you are proudest of ?

Always the latest post.

8)…and why?

For it tells me, I’m still kicking.

9) Are you impulsive or ‘professional’ in your approach to blogging?

My assessment of my approach to blogging. Is that I lack a professional one. Actually I do have a professional site for selling stuff, but it’s now closed off. In answer – I’m definitely impulsive!

10) What kind of blog would you love to discover?

The next one. Every time I read a new blog, I see another take on the world. So, refreshing!

11) Do you spell color/ colour with ‘o’ only or with ‘ou’?

Haha! Funny! Because I often point out how I spell words the European way, of English. So, for me, I choose the “ou’ way of spelling the words that differ.


As part of the Challenge. I nominate the following Blogs. The eleven nominees from me are, in no particular order:

https://datatater.wordpress.com/The Datatater


https://thistlesandwhistles.wordpress.com/Thistles and Whistles


https://lizziedutch.wordpress.com/learney lovey lifey 


https://thesunnyc.wordpress.com/The Sunny C

http://wanderwomanblog.com/Wander Woman

https://klregister.wordpress.com/The Ninth Life

http://spiralspun.com/Spiral Spun


So, Thank You – sculpturesteph your blog https://gurkykowsky.wordpress.com/

~ Sculpture- Everywhere and Anytime …Rocks!

As does http://lightwalker1.wordpress.com with

~Lightwalkers Blog  

Thanks to both ladies, for the nominations. I value your support and likes. More than you will likely know?

Cheers Jamie

5 thoughts on “A “Liebster Award” post, again …

  1. Just found your blog through Sculpturesteph and was fascinated by your exchange with her about ‘lost-wax’ style sculpture with aluminium. I’m an art teacher, and my husband makes things; we are both always learning. Congratulations on your Liebster award and yes, it takes HOURS to ‘deal with’ – but it also led me to some great new blogs. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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